Image for Library Book Sorters

Library Book Sorters

Support this homeopathy organisation by helping them sort out their extensive library - an ideal indoors activity

Image for Love our Wetlands Waiheke

Love our Wetlands Waiheke

Spend the day outdoors on Waiheke working to improve the Wetland areas and enjoy the wonderful environment of the Island.

Image for Lunchtime servers

Lunchtime servers

Help a well established organisation feed the homeless of Auckland over the lunchtime period.

Image for Marketing & Comms Coaching

Marketing & Comms Coaching

Help this organisation which promotes volunteering in a review of their marketing and comms strategy to increase their reach and influence.

Image for Motutapu Island Care

Motutapu Island Care

Contribute to restoring the unique eco environment in the Hauraki Gulf working in the great outdoors

Image for Omana Park Volunteers

Omana Park Volunteers

Experience this coastal location as you work to maintain the park area, weeding, mulching and keeping the park beautiful for the public to enjoy

Image for Residents Insights

Residents Insights

Spend time with members of an elderly residential care home to collect insights about their residential care.

Image for Science Kits for Schools

Science Kits for Schools

Packing science kits for schools in West Auckland - improve science literacy, support education and curiosity among children

Image for Share your Skills

Share your Skills

Share your specialised skills to help a variety of Not for Profit organisations reach their objectives.

Image for Stop the Plastic Soup

Stop the Plastic Soup

Help clean up our local waterways by removing rubbish and improving the area for everyone to enjoy


Head: Use specific skills to add value to community organisations.

Heart: Support the young, the elderly, and those with illnesses or disability.

Hands: Hands-on tasks often performed outdoors.