Image for Project Twin Stream - Ranui, Massey Swanson Planters

Project Twin Stream - Ranui, Massey Swanson Planters

Planting trees across three reserves.

Image for Residents Insights

Residents Insights

Spend time with members of an elderly residential care home to collect insights about their residential care.

Image for Sewing for Good

Sewing for Good

Help be part of the solution by tackling plastic pollution at grass roots level.

Image for Share your Skills

Share your Skills

Share your specialised skills to help a variety of Not for Profit organisations reach their objectives.

Image for Stop the Plastic Soup

Stop the Plastic Soup

Help clean up our local waterways by removing rubbish and improving the area for everyone to enjoy

Image for Tapapakanga Teams

Tapapakanga Teams

Work in this coastal regional park, carrying out track maintenance, weed and pest control and planting trees, to enhance the native environment

Image for Videographer


Help promote this organisation by creating and producing short videos to increase their profile and online presence

Image for Waharau/Whakatiwai Warriors

Waharau/Whakatiwai Warriors

Come and explore these rugged parks and help to maintain tracks, work on weed and pest control to keep the native bush and coastline beautiful

Image for Warehouse Volunteers

Warehouse Volunteers

Support those facing life-threatening illness by sorting donated goods to raise financial support for the services

Image for Wonderful Waitawa Volunteers

Wonderful Waitawa Volunteers

Come and help maintain the wetlands areas of this beautiful park, as well as get involved in beach clean ups, planting and track maintenance


Head: Use specific skills to add value to community organisations.

Heart: Support the young, the elderly, and those with illnesses or disability.

Hands: Hands-on tasks often performed outdoors.