Image for 'Cuppa, Cake and Companionship

'Cuppa, Cake and Companionship

This is a great opportunity to spend quality time with members of a elderly residential care home. Have a cuppa and a chat and make someone's day.

Image for Art studio and Gallery working bee

Art studio and Gallery working bee

Help support the work of a vibrant, community-based visual arts education facility with a start of the year working bee.

Image for Aspiring Zero Waste Champions

Aspiring Zero Waste Champions

Be a Zero Waste Champion and help sort valued items from the rubbish and up-cycle them for a new life.

Image for Awesome Motuihe Island Care

Awesome Motuihe Island Care

Help restoration of this unique eco environment by planting and weeding on the Island.

Image for Bake-Off for Families in Need

Bake-Off for Families in Need

Run your own Bake-off in your office's kitchen and then have a bake sale as a fundraiser for families in need.

Image for Caring for People and the Environment

Caring for People and the Environment

Work alongside people with disabilities to help in recycling and packaging tasks.

Image for Community Gardening

Community Gardening

Enjoy working in this busy community garden in the heart of Auckland, harvesting fruit and veges and maintaining the gardens as a special public space

Image for Duder Park Rangers

Duder Park Rangers

Work in the great outdoors in this beautiful area to maintain the regional park or launch a planting project of a new area

Image for Enviro Trail Blitz

Enviro Trail Blitz

Come and 'blitz' this school's grounds and make improvements to enhance the environment for the children's learning.

Image for Fence Painters

Fence Painters

Support this homeopathy organisation by giving their fences a fresh coat of paint to brighten up their surroundings.


Head: Use specific skills to add value to community organisations.

Heart: Support the young, the elderly, and those with illnesses or disability.

Hands: Hands-on tasks often performed outdoors.