Image for Garden Renewal

Garden Renewal

Support this homeopathy organisation by giving their gardens a makeover and create a more inviting environment.

Image for Gardening Therapy for Riding Therapy

Gardening Therapy for Riding Therapy

Help spruce up the grounds of this special riding therapy school to keep the environment in top condition.

Image for Healthy Habitat Heroes

Healthy Habitat Heroes

Help restore this area to its natural beauty, for native flora and fauna to thrive and future generations to enjoy.

Image for Hunua Ranges Helpers

Hunua Ranges Helpers

Get outdoors and help with track maintenance, animal pest control and weed control in Auckland's largest native forest

Image for Kaipatiki Restoration

Kaipatiki Restoration

Enjoy being outdoors with your team and carrying out restoration work on this project, working in the nursery and out in the bush.

Image for Keep our Parks & Beaches Beautiful - Awhitu

Keep our Parks & Beaches Beautiful - Awhitu

Clear beaches of litter and help maintain this park to ensure it is a clean, green place for everyone to enjoy

Image for Kurt Brehmer Walkway

Kurt Brehmer Walkway

Work along this riverside walkway to keep it as nature intended, free from weeds and restored to native bush

Image for Library Book Sorters

Library Book Sorters

Support this homeopathy organisation by helping them sort out their extensive library - an ideal indoors activity

Image for Love our Wetlands Waiheke

Love our Wetlands Waiheke

Spend the day outdoors on Waiheke working to improve the Wetland areas and enjoy the wonderful environment of the Island.

Image for Lunchtime servers

Lunchtime servers

Help a well established organisation feed the homeless of Auckland over the lunchtime period.


Head: Use specific skills to add value to community organisations.

Heart: Support the young, the elderly, and those with illnesses or disability.

Hands: Hands-on tasks often performed outdoors.