Project lifecycle


When a new project has been initiated, a project page is created and the status is set to Proposed. Volunteering Auckland will work with your Team Leader and the nonprofit organisation to organise the day.


When the arrangements have been made and everything is set, then the project status is updated to Confirmed. Both the team and the nonprofit will begin their own preparations so changes to the date or other specifics must be by agreement.


Once a project is confirmed it is normally expected to go ahead rain or shine. Some projects will of course be weather dependent, we will agree on how this will be handled during the setup process.

On the day

You should aleady have all the information needed for the day to be a success. Please take care with the health & safety of your team, and have a great time!


The day after a project is completed, an email is sent to the Team Leader requesting feedback. We confirm the number of people who came on the day, and find out how your day was so we can continually improve the volunteering experience.