Waharau/Whakatiwai Warriors

Location: Waharau & Whakatiwai Regional Parks (70 mins drive south east from Auckland)
Availability: Weekdays
Team size: 5 - 25


Greater Auckland is home to 35 regional parks, open for all the community to enjoy - making the most of the great outdoors and the natural flora and fauna of Aotearoa. Whakatiwai Regional Park is characterised by a series of gravel ridges, which are unique not only in the Auckland region but also internationally significant. The park includes a shelly sand foreshore, and is a haven for migratory birds such as godwits (Kuaka) and knots.
On the eastern side of the rugged Hunua Ranges and just along the coastline from Whakatiwai is Waharau Regional Park which extends from the range to the coast. Visitors to this park enjoy farmland, river banks and forest for camping, picnics, walking and mountain biking.

In order to keep the parks safe and pleasant for everyone to enjoy, there is ongoing track maintenance required, as well as plant and animal pest control work. There are also campsites that require routine maintenance.

Your team may therefore be helping out with track maintenance in the bush, weed control or animal pest control - checking traps or monitoring sites, depending on the park ranger's needs at any time.

Your team's hard work will be rewarded by enjoying native birds and the rugged coastline of the park, knowing you are enhancing the natural environment for the public to enjoy.

By participating in this volunteering opportunity you are helping achieve the following United Nations Sustainability Goals ;

Goal 6 -Clean water and sanitation
Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production
Goal 13 - Climate action
Goal 15 - Life on land


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