Aquatics Fun Day - North Auckland

Location: Silverdale
Availability: Thursday 29th October 2020
Team size: 20 - 30


This organisation provides sporting opportunities for all people who have an intellectual disability. While sport is the basis of the organisation, the benefits of participation are much greater than physical fitness. Through participating in sport, athletes with intellectual disabilities make friends; they gain confidence; they get to be part of a team. As athletes develop physically and emotionally, they learn that they can achieve not only on the sports field, but in the community.

These fun sports days are for children with disabilities who have been training at school to improve their skills and then they can come along to an inter-school competition day and see how they have improved.

Your team will be helping out at this Aquatics day setting up, marshalling, time-keeping, scoring and cheering the students on. You will see how lives are changed by the great sense of achievement of students taking part in competitive sport.


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